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The Optimal
Threshold p-Value
for a
Scientific Journal

Supplementary Material
for Optimal Threshold


The War on Statistical Significance: The American Statistician vs. the New England Journal of Medicine


Two Problematic
Promises on Page
One of the
TAS Special Issue
on Statistical


The p-Value
is Best
to Detect Effects


Should we
Change the Name
of the Field of
of Statistics to
"Data Science"?

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Services for

Our Goal



The Introductory
Statistics Course

Sums of Squares
in Unbalanced
Analysis of

We help researchers and students to plan, execute, and interpret scientific research projects.  Our tools are the simple principles of the scientific method and the powerful methods of modern statistics.

If you are experienced in statistical methods, we offer a careful review of the efficiency of your planned research.  We also offer help in analyzing your research results and help in writing exemplary research reports.  Our services are listed in more detail below.

If you are less experienced, we offer the above services along with careful explanations that remove the intimidating aspects of statistics.  We have a deep appreciation of the difficulty many people have understanding the use of statistics in research.

Services for Researchers

We can

  • work with you to design a cost-effective scientific research project that is capable of decisive conclusions
  • analyze your data with optimal statistical methods to obtain sound and comprehensive conclusions
  • prepare an exemplary scientific research report with easy-to-understand discussion and professional graphics.

Services for Students

Note: We are sorry to say that student services are presently unavailable due to our commitments to other projects. If you are a student in need of statistics help, you can search the web for "statistics help" (without the quotation marks) and then send a detailed description of your project to promising firms. (The more clear details you send, the better.) Then consider choosing the firm that sends the best reply.

We enjoy helping students to understand how statistical principles are used in scientific research. Most of our student work involves helping (via email) with the statistical aspects of research for a student's Ph.D. or M.A. dissertation or thesis.  We also sometimes help students with homework assignments.  (But we don't do homework assignments for students.)  Answers to students' frequently asked questions about our services are available here.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make statistics easy for you.

Our Experience

Donald Macnaughton, the president of MatStat, earned a four-year B.A. from the University of Toronto and then (to satisfy his interests) returned as a special undergraduate student to take more undergraduate courses.  He spent nine years altogether taking courses in statistics, experimental psychology, computing, engineering science, logic, education, and philosophy.  During the seventh year he began providing statistical consulting services to some of his psychology professors.  He left university in 1975 and since then has worked at studying, consulting in, and writing about the use of statistics in scientific research.  His main interest is in making statistical concepts easier for users of statistics to understand.

He has managed the statistical aspects of research in the fields of experimental psychology, zoology, drug dependence, nursing, education, business, geography, physical education, and inmate rehabilitation, among others.  He has given talks at statistical meetings and published Internet articles about improving the introductory statistics course and about the mathematics and philosophy of unbalanced analysis of variance.  He holds memberships in the American Statistical Association, the Royal Statistical Society, the International Association for Statistical Education, and the Statistical Society of Canada.

Free Consultation

Please write for a free consultation.

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